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 Frank Yoshida is the Grand Prize winner of the “Gateway to Success for New Writers 2008” Contest sponsored by Goodbook Shuppan, Japan with the short love story entitled “Hanarerarenaku-nacchau” (What would I do without you?), making his professional debut for commercial publications in January, 2009.

 His educational background is the Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics at Kobe University of Commerce, currently the University of Hyogo.

 Frank has a global business background as the technical adviser on Surface Mount Technology (SMT) at Silicon Valley in Hsinchu, Taiwan and San Jose, California, also icebreaker for international disputes over direct investment in U.S.A., adviser on leather business and negotiator on importing the timber, with extensive experience in flexpatriate assignments to North America, Latin America, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa at trading companies.

 As of today, he is the nonuple crown holder of English qualifications such as United Nations Association’s Test of English (UNATE) SA-Class, STEP (EIKEN) Grade 1, National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter, Tourism English Proficiency Test Grade 1, Nissho Business English Proficiency Test Grade 1, Business English Standard Test (BEST) A-Grade, English Vocabulary Test (TANKEN) Grade 1, Volunteer Interpreter Test (V-Tsuken) A-Grade, etc.

 Motorcycle riding is the ultimate freedom for Frank. He rides his beloved mega tourer Suzuki Hayabusa GSX-1300R to tour along the coastline nationwide. The word that best describes his fun ride is “Stay aloof.”

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